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Conservatory Warm Roofs Limited Terms & Conditions


  1. The entire agreement is made between the company and the customer, subject to the terms recited in the order and to these conditions of sale.

  2. These terms and conditions shall not be constructed so as to affect the statutory or common law rights of the purchaser, save insofar as the same may lawfully be excluded or varied.


  1. All materials will be of fit and suitable quality appropriate for the task, plastered to a pre-decorated finish.

  2. The company will supply all materials required for the full and proper installation of the insulated system.

  3. The company reserves the right at all times to vary its installation designs and specification without prior notice.

  4. Representatives and showroom samples and photographs are used to demonstrate a typical installation and its finish. No warranty is given that the units will conform precisely with the sample. Measurements made by our consultants are approximate and are for the approximate costings only. Our surveyor will double check and take all precise measurements.


  1. The installation shall commence within a reasonable period of the time from agreement of the order, subject to all matters beyond the control of the company which prevent the company from executing the order.

  2. The customer hereby agrees to permit the company reasonable access to the place of installation for the purpose of the installation.

  3. The customer hereby agrees to permit the installation team, reasonable access to electrical power and clean water for the purpose of the installation at all times during the process.

  4. Unless otherwise agreed and specified in writing the company will not undertake the re-siting of any electrics, wiring, plumbing, telephone installations or burglar alarms/sensors. Suitable arrangements should be made by the customer for any such works prior to the commencement of the work required under the terms of the contract.

  5. All work will be carried out by the certified installers who are qualified and experienced in the role for which they are requested to carry out.

  6. It is the client’s responsibility to remove all furniture, ornaments, wall lighting, window blinds/curtains, floor finishes and any other such portable furniture or fixture and fitting which could affect/impede the installation. Any furniture, ornaments or fixture and fitting etc. which remains in the conservatory is at the customer’s own risk and no responsibility will be accepted by Conservatory Warm Roofs for any accidental damaged occurred during the installation process.

  7. All materials remain the property of the company until full payment has been received.

  8. Whilst every care is taken, the company accepts no responsibility for any aspect of the conservatory either during or following the installation of the system, including but not exclusively, windows, doors, glazing, locks, floor finishes and decoration.

  9. It is the client’s responsibility to ascertain the status of the current conservatory guarantee (if any) and to satisfy themselves as to what the effect the installation will have on the terms and conditions of the guarantee. Conservatory Warm Roofs will not accept any responsibility for the change of status of any existing guarantees.

  10. Whilst every endeavour is made to ensure that the agreed installation date is adhered to, Conservatory Warm Roofs Limited reserve the right to alter the installation date at short notice.


  1. The customer shall ensure the order form overleaf is accurate,

  2. Ensure that condition C6 is implemented.

  3. Takes all reasonable steps to ensure that the supplier does not sustain any damage or loss to materials and equipment stored at the customer’s premises.


  1. The initial deposit of 25% is payable on the day of the Purchase Order being signed. The remaining balance on the day of the installation completion of the roof to a pre-decorated plaster finish. The customer shall not be entitled to withhold payment by reason of an alleged minor defect. The company will investigate any such alleged defect after payment in full of the balance payable upon completion. When payment is not made on the due date in accordance with this condition, or in the event that the purchaser shall fail to satisfy any other financial obligation to the company, the company shall have the right to require payment of the interest on the outstanding amount at a rate of 10% above the Bank of England base rate per calendar month from the due date and until final payment has been made. Any variation in the applicable rate of VAT will be passed to the customer. Payment shall be by way of debit card, credit card, bank transfer or cash.


  1. The manufacturer provides a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty whereupon MANUFACTURER’s own warranty Terms and Conditions apply and Conservatory Warm Roofs Limited offers a 10 year guarantee on the installation excluding sundry materials including but not exclusively, lead flashing, gutters and down pipes, UPVC facia etc. where the manufacturer’s own product guarantees apply. Conservatory Warm Roofs 10 year guarantee applies to the installation of the roofing system but excludes certain sundry items including but not exclusively, gutters and downpipes, UPVC fascia, settling or fine cracks in plaster which can be rectified with normal decorating procedures etc.

  2. All guarantees and certification (where applicable) will be forwarded by post or email (whichever applicable) after payment has been made by the purchaser in full.



The customer has the right to cancel the order within 7 days of the date of signatures on the contract and will be entitled to a full refund of monies paid.

Note: This contract contains all the terms which have been agreed and no representation or promise oral in writing not confirmed on this form shall be binding to either party.



Signed by Customer(s): _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________




Pint Name(s): _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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As the goods are bespoke and there is no automatic right to cancel this contract, however the company still offers a 7 day cancellation period for customers peace of mind from the date this contract was agreed and signed. Cancellation should be communicated in writing and sent to the address at the top of the front of this contract and should be sent by recorded delivery. You may use this slip or send the complete contract with your name, address, postcode and date filled below to action your right to cancel. All refunds due will be made within 28 days of receipt of this notice to cancel by cheque or electronic bank transfer. If you have agreed in writing that work may commence before the 7th day cancellation period expires then you agree that any expense incurred by the company for any works already carried out or materials purchased will be due.



Name: _______________________________________________________________________________________ Date: _______________________________



Address: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



_____________________________________________________________________________________________ Postcode: ___________________________

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