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JHAI - Approved building inspectors

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JHAI take their responsibilities to their clients seriously – they also know that they are trusted with professional reputations and lifetime investments. Their promise to you is that whether you are a multi- national developers or a one-person self-builder,  jhai will do everything they can to provide you with the best, most efficient and cost-effective Building Control service possible.

We are are proud that our system has undergone a lengthy in-depth assessment of our system to ensure that all our structural details are accurate and that all of our condensation risk analysis reports, alongside our U value calculations are correct and up to date. With this in mind the system is a fully approved registered system and only certified installer should install the system to ensure full compliance with the approved system cerification.

Full Condensation Risk Analysis Reports


Our Solid Roofing System is a warm roof that has been specially designed so that air can flow in over the eaves and flow out through the ridge.

The majority of new homes with warm roofs have built-in eaves and ridge ventilation. It’s a proven method that Icotherm has replicated in its solid conservatory roof. The system is highly effective in preventing condensation where warm internal air meets cool external air.

Our Solid Roof System exceeds Building Regulations on condensation risk. It has an extra gap between the breather membrane and the tiles. Air flows in over eaves and out through the ridge plate so that if any moisture that collects, it is blown out.

By removing any condensation that gathers in the roof, the chance of rot is eliminated.

Warranties & Guarantees

10 year Warranty

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The system offers a 10 year warranty on the solid tiled replacement conservatory roofing system against corrosion to a point of failure under natural everyday occurrence when installed by a certified installer only.

10 Year Insurance Backed Workmanship Guarantee 

Conservatory Warm Roofs offer a 10 Year, fully insurance backed (IBG) Workmanship Guarantee on ALL of our installations.


The 10 Year Guarantee is insurance backed through Quality Assured National Warranties Insurance and provides our customers with the protection and peace of mind they deserve.

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Thank you for your enquiry, we aim to reply within 24 hours

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