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Managing Risk During COVID-19

Our objective is to keep everyone we have contact with as safe as possible and reduce the risk of infection to the lowest reasonably practicable level by taking the following preventative measures:


  • We will not carry out work in any household which has one or more family members with symptoms or where an individual has been advised to self isolate. When working in a household where somebody is classed as vulnerable but has not been asked to shield, for example, someone who is over 70, we will make prior arrangements with the household to avoid any face to face contact with the individual who is classed as vulnerable.


  • Communicating with all households prior to any visit to discuss how the sales appointment or installation work will be carried out to help minimise the risk for all parties and asking households that a 2m distance is kept from those working whenever and wherever possible.


  • Increase the frequency of hand washing and hand sanitizing


  • Cleaning regularly touched objects and surfaces to reduce the risk of passing the infection on to other people.


  • Make every reasonable effort to comply with social distancing guidelines set out by the government (keeping 2m apart wherever possible).


Where social distancing guidelines cannot be practically followed, particularly in relation to the installation of the roofs we will:


  • Keep the activity time involved as short as possible.


  • Reduce the number of people each person has contact with by using fixed person teams.


  • Identify busy areas across the household where people travel to, from or through, for example, stairs and corridors, and minimise movement within these areas


  • Bring our own food and drink to households and having breaks outside where possible


  • Limit the number of workers within a confined space to maintain (wherever practically possible) social distancing.


  • Allocate the same workers or teams to a job.


  • Ensure the same small teams travel to and from the household in the same vehicle with (whenever practical to do so) the windows down giving good ventilation within the vehicle.


  • In line with government guidance we are not encouraging any additional PPE other than what is normally required to undertake the work, this particularly relates to the wearing of face masks, however, if customers would still prefer our colleagues to wear some additional PPE this can be accommodated within our risk assessment plan. See the government guidance:

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